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Youth Engagement & Leadership Development (YELD) Facilitator

NECA in partnership with Cadre Consulting and Training has launched the Youth Engagement and Leadership Development (YELD) Facilitator credential, a 12-week course for professionals who work with youth or young adults in a variety of settings. Using e-learning technologies, interactive instructor involvement in combination with a transformative learning approach the course provides innovative concepts, strategies, and methods that are designed for positive youth development.  

What is the Youth Engagement and Leadership Development Credential?

The Youth Engagement and Leadership Development Facilitator training is a unique and challenging experience for professionals who have a desire to work with youth and provide impactful programs and services.  The course provides youth-focused competencies, evidence-based curriculums, and programs in the context of philosophical frameworks,  approaches,  and strategic interventions.  Our approach challenges and expands the consciousness and personal beliefs about youth engagement and leadership.  The credential is designed to ensure positive youth outcomes in redirecting at-risk-behaviors, ensuring future readiness, encouraging students to move from struggling to spectacular and providing guidance to college-bound students. 

Why get aYouth Engagement and Leadership Development Credential?

The YELD Faciliator certification for professionals who have a passion to positively impact youth achievement and success through meaningful engagement and leadership development.

What are the Benefits of becoming a YELD Facilitator ?

Evidence- Based  Curriculum & Programs

Youth Development Resources   

 Coaching and Support

Professional Development Resources


Next Regularly Scheduled Training start dates:   

As soon as enough students register. Make a commitment to the future!

Late Winter or Spring 2019


Click here to learn more:

 www.yeldfacilitator.com and www.yeld.online


Click here to Register!

Registration will close as soon as we reach the Maximum Class size of 12 Tuition Paid Students. Contact Dr. Cheryl West  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you have any questions or need to confirm your seat in an upcoming class. 

Group Training - We are able to begin a course within a week at any time an institution has a group of 6 or more to be trained. 

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The Global Career Development Facilitator course, Working Ahead, Moving Forward™, designed by the National Employment Counseling Association is trademarked.

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College Search

Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor (GCDF-I)

Would you like to instruct Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) programs online?

Now a full decade ago, NECA launched "Working Ahead, Moving Forward," a facilitated e-learning GCDF curriculum using e-learning technologies with full involvement of instructors throughout the program.

Our format masterfully integrates ideas from the students and a Cadre of “expert” Instructors providing considerable diversity of thought. We do far more than explore the latest tools and techniques in our 21st Century Curriculum. We expand student consciousness, interjecting penetrating questions and concepts, exploring Wellness in the Workplace, the ongoing evolution of the world economy and viable practices that actually help people find worthwhile employment and make a decent amount of money.


  • GCDF-I (Instructor Training):
    • For experienced GCDF facilitators
    • approximately 3 weeks, online (contact Kay Brawley for upcoming dates)
    • Cost: $500
  • To register, contact Kay Brawley at NECA: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Register Online
    • pdfComplete written application form
    • Submit resume of professional training credentials and experience
    • Describe plans to use this curriculum within 2 years of successful completion of this training
    • Send copy of CDF Practitioner certification from CCE

Your Own Business


  • SCORE 
    The Service Corps of Retired Executives has teamed up with the US Small Business Administration to offer On-Line Free Business Counseling.

  • Business Insurance 
    An Informative Guide to Small Business (recommended by Ms. Clark’s Class at Monument Charter School)

  • National Association of Workforce Boards 
    NAWB represents business-led Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) that coordinate and leverage workforce strategies with education and economic development stakeholders within their local communities, to ensure that state and local workforce development and job training programs meet the needs of employers.

  • International Association of Workforce Professionals 
    The International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) is a professional association for members who work in public and private workforce development programs.