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Top Ten Expert Tips for a Successful Job Fair

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  • Develop a “visiting plan.” Mark your floor plan or list for the most important participating employers to make sure you visit them.
  • Introduce yourself with a smile, eye contact and a firm handshake.
  • Act just like you were in the employer’s office at a formal job interview
  • Show enthusiasm. Try to make the impression that the particular employer is the only reason you are here today.
  • Make a good first impression by demonstrating personal traits such as good oral communication skills, winning attitude, confidence, dedication, energy, motivation, ethics, reliability, good work habits, compatibility (the way you fit in) and potential.
  • Ask for a business card from each employer you visit or get the correct spelling of the name of the person with whom you spoke.
  • Show how serious you are by asking for a job at the end of your conversation.
  • Follow up your contacts by sending a thank you letter to each person you talked with.
  • Network, network, network. Take advantage of networking opportunities. Other job seekers might have information that could help you in your job search.