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Section 1. Committees of the Association. Standing Committees and Special Committees may be created to promote the purposes of the Association. Standing Committees are designed for the investigation, study, and operation of matters relating to the accomplishment of the general purposes of the Association and matters of a continuous and recurring character. Their number and purpose is defined in these Bylaws. Special Committees are designed to investigate and study matters relating to the purposes of the Association of an immediate and non-recurring character.

Section 2. Standing Committees. The Association shall have the following Standing Committees, chaired by Association members. The chairperson shall determine the need for and select any additional members of the committee. The committees shall perform such functions as may be prescribed in the Bylaws of the Association.

(a) Professional Development Committee. The Professional Development Committee shall be chaired by the Professional Development Director, who shall be a member of NECA and ACA, and shall develop professional development and training materials and programs for the benefit of the membership. The Professional Development Director shall chair the Program and Arrangements Committee as described in subarticle (g) of this section.

(b) Journal of Employment Counseling Committee. This Committee shall be under the direction of the Journal Editor, who shall be appointed by the Executive Council for a five-year term subject to annual review by the Executive Council. The Editor may be re-appointed for a second term and shall serve continuously until resigned or replaced by the Council. The editor and his/her committee shall be responsible for forming a review board and to take all actions necessary to produce periodic professional journals at a high quality standard.

(c) Newsletter Committee. The production and distribution of the electronic and any print newsletters of the association shall be under the direction of the Newsletter Editor, who shall be appointed by the Executive Council for a 5-year term and shall serve continuously until resigned or replaced by the Council. The primary responsibility of the editor and his/her committee shall be the solicitation of appropriate news articles and distribution of a periodic newsletter via electronic means to the membership of the association.

(d) Nominations and Election Committee. The Nominations and Election Committee shall establish and carry out the procedures for nominating and electing the officers of the Association in accordance with the Bylaws of this Association and the Bylaws of ACA. The immediate Past-President of the Association shall serve with the Director of Professional as Chairperson of this Committee.

(e) Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall design programs and actions to actively promote membership in the Association. The President-Elect shall serve as Chairperson of this committee and interface with the Membership department of ACA.

(f) Long-Range Planning Committee. This, committee shall review the Association's present roles, purposes, and objectives, project these into the future and develop recommendations regarding the Association's future directions for review and consideration by the Executive Council. The immediate Past-President shall serve as Chairperson of this committee. All Trustees shall serve on this committee.

(g) Program and Arrangements Committee. This committee shall be responsible for soliciting, reviewing and accepting programs for the annual ACA Convention and other workshops held throughout the year, and be responsible for arranging and coordinating site facilities for activities of the Association at the ACA Convention and at other workshops. The Professional Development Director shall chair this committee.

(h) Awards Committee. This committee shall serve as the Association's screening and selection body for the granting of the Association Awards. The committee is normally chaired by a previous past president, as appointed by the President.

(i) Archives Committee. The Archives Committee shall maintain the historical records and documents of the Association.

(j) Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee shall be responsible for educating the membership concerning the Ethical Standards of the Association, and shall receive and process all complaints and charges of alleged violations of the Association's Ethical Standards.

(k) Government Relations Committee. The Government Relations Committee shall inform the membership of all legislative matters which affect the Association directly, and shall represent the Association on legislative issues which affect the role and function of employment counselors.

(l) Interdivisional Relations Committee. This committee shall promote active communication and cooperation, including joint projects and activities of this Association with the other Divisions of ACA.

(m) Scholarships and Grants Committee. This committee shall design scholarships and grants and shall offer such for approval of the Executive Council or Executive Committee. Approved programs shall then be offered to the membership and/or to graduate students in counseling programs.

Section 3. Investments Subcommittee (of the Executive Committee). The Investments Subcommittee is chaired by the NECA President, and includes the President, Immediate Past President (or if he/she is unavailable, the President-Elect), the Secretary/Treasurer, and the Executive Director, who shall not have a vote. The purpose of the subcommittee is to provide oversight to the investments of the Association for its reserves and/or investment capital set aside for future purposes of the Association, and to make specific recommendations to the Executive Committee or the Executive Council for changes in the investment vehicles utilized. The subcommittee shall always rank preservation of capital above desire for gain, and shall only approve prudent investments for Association funds. The Executive Director shall be responsible for presenting alternatives, research and proposing specific actions. The subcommittee shall make a report at meetings of the Executive Council and Executive Committee as to the status of the investments. No member may have a personal interest in any investment utilized by the Association.

Section 4. Special Committees. Special committees shall be appointed by the President of the Association and approved by the Executive Council when such committees are deemed necessary to advance the purposes of the Association. Resolutions creating such temporary committees shall define their powers, duties, and term. Any Special Committee that needs to function beyond the term of the appointing President, must be reappointed by the incoming President and approved by the Executive Council.

Section 5. Tenure of Committee Members. No person shall serve on the same committee for more than three consecutive years, except by vote of this Association at a scheduled meeting. Other than the committees chaired named by these bylaws, or for committee(s) chaired by the Executive Director or the Professional Development Director, Chairpersons appointed by the President shall serve as Chairperson for one year concurrent with the term of office of the appointing President, but may be reappointed to succeed themselves.