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Global Workplace Relationships Management – Certificate

Cost: $995.

Timeline: Six weeks online asynchronous course

Master Instructor: Dr. Sujata Ives, PhD, GCDFI


  • This course will enable participants to understand the human relations analysis model and the types of working relationships that can help people develop effective communication behaviors.

  • Building relationships and establishing goals that clarify problems through social contexts will also be addressed through therapeutic theories.

  • Personal theories of human behavior, cognitive-behavioral, and ecological systems perspectives will be taught.

  • Affective, cognitive, and behavioral strategies that cut across many domains of relationships will also be addressed, as well as the application of those strategies through goals and objectives in case studies.

  • The course will allow participants to apply the knowledge to crisis intervention, personal values, and ethical considerations.

  • The purpose of the course is to provide a foundation for individuals during post-pandemic times to develop human relationship skills to survive in the workplace and in life.

  • Learn effective communication skills that can be applied in your professional, personal, and social life.

  • Effective communication is the core of the healing process and allows for satisfying relationships of all kinds; allowing individuals to seek and receive supportive styles that they desperately need during turbulent times.


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