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Legislative Issues & Employment Law

Please contact your legislators now.

Introduce Yourself, thank them for doing a good job and offer help with issues concerning employment counseling. The American Counseling Association has a Legislative Advocacy Page to make it easy for you. They do research on important counseling issues, write letters which you can edit and find your legislators e-mail addresses for you.

Legislative Action is directly related to what elected officials perceive as the will of those who vote. In this free society it is easy to find out how these individuals voted. And over the internet, it is easy to give our elected officials our opinions on what they are doing. We will provide information on Legislation that is important to the practice of Professional Employment Counseling. Feel free to E-Mail Us if you have any concerns.

One of the traits that separates Employment counselors from other types of Counselors is our understanding of employment law and our commitment to protect the employment rights of the public. Indeed, it has been argued that if we are going to call ourselves professional, we have an obligation to ensure, that at least our clients, receive the services the legislature has deemed important enough to bring into law.

The purpose of our legislative page is to provide you with information, links and resources that are concerned with employment law.

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