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Attend NECA/ACEG Professional Development Institute at ACA 2015

Register HERE for the PDI with NECA & ACEG - $50 for the PDI, $50 for Luncheon, or $100 for both

Thursday, March 12, 2015  ~  9am - 5pm  ~  Orlando, FL

An Action-Oriented, Hope-Centered Career Counseling Approach to Economic & Employment
Stability for all Citizens including Military Transition-Part I - Dr. Norman Amundson & Dr. Spencer Niles - NECA Sponsorship

  • In this century with economic and employment instability, few models of career intervention attend to the "hope" theory in the career counseling process; yet without hope there is little chance of success in career intervention. For hope to be most useful in career intervention, it must be action-oriented rather than simply passive and wishful thinking. We illustrate how to infuse hope in the career decision-making process through the use of the action-hope-centered career counseling model (AHCC). Drawing upon the work of Rick Snyder, Douglas Hall and Albert Bandura, the AHCC model identifies basic and essential career competencies for educational and career planning. The focus will be on seeking ways to enhance the "hope" dimension of career counseling and assessment for employment readiness. This presentation will be of interest for those practitioners who are interested in further exploring practical ways of applying this model.

Grief Experiences of Young Recent War Widows and How Effective Current Counseling Strategies Meet Their Needs - Tami Frye, Ph.D., LMSW - ACEG Sponsorship

  • There are more 18-25-year-old widows as a result of wars in Iraq or Afghanistan than in any previous wars. Prior research on widows was with much older women. Our counseling theories driving grief counseling are not adequately meeting the needs of widows at these stages of development. More research and a change is strategies is necessary to adequately help these women.

Introducing i-Rest as a Stress Reduction Tool for Veterans - Judith Mathewson, MEd, MS, RMFT-I, and Emily Hain - ACEG Sponsorship

  • Counselors will experience an adjunctive therapy to assist veterans with combat trauma symptoms. i-Rest is a simple tool for healing, creating deep relaxation and meditative practices that release negative emotions and thought patterns, calm the nervous system, and foster a positive capacity to meet distressing circumstances.

Group Interventions for Military Members and Veterans with PTSD and TBI - Leigh Green, PhD, LPC, NCC and Laura Dawson, PhD, LPC, LPCDC - ACEG Sponsorship

  • Group counseling is an effective and efficient modality to provide counseling interventions for military members with TBI and PTSD. This program will share and demonstrate group therapy techniques with this growing population.

Earn 7 CEUs - Register HERE for the PDI with NECA & ACEG. Register for more of ACA Conference on their website.

Don't forget to have some fun while you're there! Click here to see inexpensive things to do while in Orlando.
For more info about the ACA conference sessions and lodging, see the Conference information here.
Other NECA Activities during ACA conference

  • Board/General Membership Meeting - Thursday, March 12th
  • Reception of Board, GCDF Practitioners & Instructors
  • Collaborative Reception

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